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BORDERLINE, 2003. Elk furs, luminous traffic barrier tape on wood frame, 160 cm x 340 cm.

The format of Borderline refers to the advertising boards by the roadside and to the large landscape paintings of the Romantic era. The 'landscape' of the work is composed of dozens of elk furs, donated to me for this work by two hunters' widows. I have coated the large frames of the work with plastic traffic barrier tape, ornamentally striped with red and yellow alarm colors, which conform to the official Finnish alarm color norms. This reminds us of the elk warning signs, which alert drivers to elks crossing the highway to avoid accidents. In Finland, there are, on an average, one and a half thousand collisions between a car and an elk each year, always with devastating consequences to the both parties.

My idea was to do a piece with the content directed chiefly towards drivers. The advertising boards by the roadside are propaganda art intended for drivers. Within this ready-made format, I wanted to create a new content. Instead of a materialistic advertising photo, I wanted to offer the viewer a material experience, emotionally more satisfying. I wanted to create a direct connection with the surrounding reality, from which the driver is detached by the accelerated speed. The speed transforms the surroundings into an alienated continuation of coulisses. In this respect, my work acts as a kind of 'reality magnet.'

Elk furs are animal relics, of which I constructed an altarpiece, located on the side of the motorway and surrounded by luminous alarm tapes. The sacred and the taboo require a distinctive marking off. The work is simultaneously a cemetery of wild beasts and a memorial to those animals from which the furs originate. It is wildness tamed and put in order; rationality which, unsuccessfully, aims at domesticating the death and portraying it as serene and sensible; a plaster on the landscape. At the same time, the work expresses the unconscious violence included in technology. On the level of ideas, a car comes close to a weapon.

(c)Timo Heino