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01 Bypass Surgery
02 Second Skin
03 Bearded Virgin
04 Insect Collection
05 Dialogue
06 Fertilization
07 Borderlne
08 Reformatory
09 Bodyspace
10 Dialectics of the Surface
11 Contacts and Kaski
12 Pyromania
13 Anti-dualistic Dualism
14 Neon-forest
15 various works

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CONTACTS, 1997. Pine and traffic barrier paint, 10 pieces, 130 cm x 100 cm - 320 cm each. Street installation, Helsinki Festival, Helsinki, Finland in 2007.

Contacts is a group of ten sculptures which was displayed in 1997 on five consecutive days in five different squares of the central Helsinki, Finland. In the same year, it was also presented in the Cable Gallery, Helsinki, and in my solo exhibition in Oulu Art Museum.

Contacts consists of bars which I have created by combining naturally twisted, charred pine branches and geometrical, industrially produced and painted pine. I wanted to emphasize the different, even opposed characters of the basically same substance. The relation between repetition and variation served as a starting point to the project. The outcome is something both organic and artificial. Strange creatures from an unknown planet. A team of mutant athletes. Or a wandering neon-forest. An urban garden where two elements, strange to one another and yet, of the same substance, come into contact.

The sculptures are operating with the tension between order and disorder, thus referring to danger and something marked off. The sculptures can be 'read' in two ways: either as a movement from the 'chaos' of nature to the 'ordered' state of culture or from the cultural functionality to the free rhythms of nature. In these barriers, coincidence and control are united. On the background of this work there is also an experience of ambivalence: in the late modern society, technology is trying to maintain a fictional security.

Kaski ('Burn-beating') is a public art work which I made in 1994 to STOA Cultural Center, Helsinki, Finland. In it, burnt snag surfaces have been framed by the colour combination of warning bars: red and yellow. The hard-edge geometry with its basic colours encapsulates a microfragment of the burnt-beaten landscape. As in Contacts, my aim was to examine the contrary qualities of the same material, pine.

(c)Timo Heino