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Timo Heino was born 1962 in Tampere, Finland. He graduated in 1989 from the Department of Painting in the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland, and has also studied sculpture. Timo Heino lives and works in Helsinki. He has taught in the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, since 1998.

On the Art of Timo Heino
(c) Altti Kuusamo

In Timo Heino's works, industrially produced materials and natural materials are contrasted. Furthermore, he juxtaposes the geometric and the organic, the clear and the dark, the transparent and the opaque, the shiny and the rough, the past and the present, stereometricity and free form. His works are characterised by clarity of approach, finished surfaces, and a distinct redundancy based on the double rhythm of the motifs. Although Heino has in many of his works employed natural materials he has processed himself, his point of departure has not been eminently ecological: the purpose is not to represent some original and pure natural surface as the opposite of culture-invented clean surfaces. In fact, Heino has always in one way or another processed the surface of the selected natural material, deliberately turned it into a finished cultural product. Heino shows how the artificial and the organic everywhere in culture join into a tight union, how they undeliberately live side by side and make use of each other. Heino's morals, his ideological message is thus everything but based on simple, systematic thinking. He juxtaposes various opposites in order to pose questions which cannot be answered simply by choosing one of the presented opposites. Every answer generates a new opposite and a new halving of opposites, a new surface of dichotomies.
Timo Heino at work, photo by Stefan Bremer